New Year’s Resolution: Get Your Hearing Tested

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Now that we’re into the swing of the New Year, the resolve of your resolutions is being put to the test! Perhaps you made a pledge to yourself to eat a more nutritious diet. Certainly in these first weeks of the year you have had an opportunity to have some junk food or a piece of cake. How did you handle the moment when your resolution was put to the test? Or maybe your resolution had to do with a better exercise routine. As the days progressed, were you tempted to skip the exercise and sleep late instead? The process of making a resolution can become difficult when it is a mental battle, second-guessing our dedication and discipline while also wanting to allow flexibility and space for life’s pleasures. New research on the way we develop lifestyle changes can illuminate those moments when we feel tempted to go back on the promises we make to ourselves.

Set Attainable Goals

The first time you felt hesitant to lace up your sneakers and go for a run, how did you respond? Some people have remarkable willpower to push through those moments when we are tempted to go back on our ambitions. Yet, for most of us, willpower is not enough. If you reach the moment of indecision, take a moment to consider the nature of your goals. If you promised to go running every day for a week, that goal may be unrealistic. When our bodies are tired and our minds move past the novelty of a new routine, it can be difficult to maintain resolve. Perhaps a better goal would be to run at least once a week for a longer period. Attainable goals make it possible to see success and feel assured of our ability to complete the tasks we set our mind to.

Focus on Habits

Forcing yourself to stick to a rule is a recipe for failure and frustration, particularly in the moments when that rule is unpleasant. Rather than putting the emphasis on raw nerve to stick to a regimen, think of your resolution in terms of habit formation. Each time you complete the action, you are making it easier and more recognizable. Attaching the behavior to something you already find easy can be an even better way to move forward. You can stick to your goal of eating a healthy breakfast by preparing it at the same time as your morning coffee ritual. Before you know it, a healthy breakfast will become habitual—something you don’t have to think about at all.

Don’t Give Up

Above all, don’t take an all-or-nothing approach to changing your lifestyle. On that first morning when sleeping late seems nicer than going for a jog, don’t throw in the towel on your resolution altogether. Tomorrow is a new opportunity to build a healthy exercise routine, and one failure doesn’t mean you can’t complete your goals the next time around. Remind yourself how and why these goals are important to you, and you will be more likely to give it another try!

Resolving to Take the Test

When you are thinking about resolutions, one simple task can meet all these criteria: getting a hearing test! This attainable goal is simple to complete. It takes no more time to get a hearing test than it does to make a trip to the grocery store, in most cases. You won’t need to establish a new habit nor will you need to use your willpower to fight against an internal urge.

Getting a hearing test is something simple, easy, and painless. You won’t need to renew your effort day after day, because a hearing exam is something you can cross off the list of resolutions as soon as you attend the appointment. Even if you don’t think you have trouble with your hearing right now, setting the baseline level of your hearing ability is important for future hearing tests. Your hearing professional will use that exam to measure your hearing ability next year, checking how and when assistance becomes necessary. Why not make the call or write an email today making your appointment? The resolution to get a hearing test is one you can keep!

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