Hearing Aids Accessories

When it comes to getting the best out of your hearing aid, hearing aid accessories can be a huge help. Your hearing aids are technological marvels with various specialized programs and settings to meet your specific hearing requirements, but no system can do all. Hearing aid accessories come in handy in these situations.

Receiver in the canal hearing device style

Cleaning tools

You may be shocked to learn that cleaning tools are the most effective hearing aid accessories! We suggest that you clean your hearing aids every night before going to bed, which will help them last longer. Wipe them down with a smooth, dry cloth to begin. When dirt, dust, debris, moisture, or earwax accumulate on your hearing aids, they become more vulnerable to damage and need more frequent repairs. Not only that, but if your device's ports or other services are blocked, you won't be able to hear clearly.

Cleaning your hearing aids daily will keep them in good working order and help you hear clearly for many years. A small cleaning brush with a soft tip is the perfect cleaning method for removing any built-up ear wax or debris. You'll also need a pick to thoroughly clean the sound ports, battery compartments, and any other nooks and crannies that have accumulated dirt or earwax.

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Another essential hearing aid accessory is a hearing aid dryer or dehumidifier. If you sweat a lot, get caught outside in the rain, or are exposed to high levels of humidity, a cheap, compact dehumidifier will save your hearing aids.

Dehumidifiers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A desiccant is used in the most popular dehumidifier to pull moisture out of your machines overnight, making them very dry by morning. Gentle heat is used by some dehumidifiers, while UV light is used by others to dry and sanitize the units. You'll be doing the right thing for your hearing aids no matter which dehumidifier you pick, and drying them overnight will help you hear more clearly.


Remote controls

Are you tired of fiddling with your hearing aids' buttons or worrying about switching between programs and settings every time you change listening environments?

Remote controls are one of our most popular hearing aid accessories because they make controlling your devices comfortable and straightforward. Some remote controls attach your hearing aids to your computer, and you can change programs or alter settings with just a few clicks using an app. You will be able to access your computer discreetly and will be able to pick the correct program every time.

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Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)

An assistive listening system will improve your listening experience and complement your hearing aid. If you've been having trouble hearing in crowded spaces or following conversations, an ALD will help you speak on the phone, watch TV, or hear clearly during work meetings.

Some assist with one-on-one communications in challenging situations and connect your computers to the TV, transmitting audio directly to your ears. Some Other ALDs are designed to help you hear in big spaces like a classroom or a theater. In contrast, others are made to help you hear at home by amplifying phone calls or streaming audio to your ears.


Hearing aid batteries

We sell a range of batteries, one of which is sure to fit your hearing aid.

Not every hearing aid battery is compatible with every hearing aid. Type 10 hearing aid batteries are required for some devices, while type 675 batteries are required for others. The most widely marketed model in the United States is type 13, mainly used in behind-the-ear devices (BTE).

Hearing aid batteries can be distinguished by the uniform color scheme of their protective film, which includes yellow, brown, orange, and blue (in order of increasing battery size).

Let's talk accessories

Do you have a particular need or a hearing requirement that your current hearing aid can't meet? Inquire about the various hearing aid accessories available and experience a whole new level of hearing. We will strive to provide the best support and solutions to fit your system and your hearing needs, regardless of the manufacturer, age, or type of your hearing aid.