Hearing Aids

How & why hearing aids help

A hearing aid is a small electronic device that fits in or behind your ear and magnifies sound vibrations entering the ear. The hearing aid has 3 basic components: (1) Microphone – converts sound waves to electrical signals and sends them to the amplifier; (2) Amplifier – receives electrical signals from the microphone and then increases the power of the signals before sending them to the speaker, and (3) Speaker – receives magnified electrical signals from the amplifier then sends the amplified sounds to the ear.

Depending on whether you don’t hear well talking to just one person at a time or when background noises keep you from hearing well at group functions such as in a restaurant or at a party, the latest hearing aid technology has a hearing device that can help.

A common myth is wearing a hearing aid will restore your hearing to normal. That’s not true. Hearing aids can improve your hearing, however, by amplifying soft sounds and reducing loud background noises. And with practice, a hearing aid will bring sounds back into your hearing world that you haven’t heard in a long while.

Rincalina Hearing Aids provides hearing aid repairs and service for the major manufactures of hearing aids.

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