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Founded in 1962, Inerton is part of one of the largest hearing aid organizations in the world, the GN Group. With their proven core technology, they provide a straightforward, easy-to-use & functional hearing solution at an affordable price.

Most people want a hearing aid that improves speech understanding in noisy situations and sits discreetly either in or behind the ear. They want it to be easy to use and they want to pay a fair price. This is exactly what they get with Interton, we call it Essential Hearing.

Not only are Interton hearing aids easy to use, they come with  Nano Coating. Nano Coating is a thin polymer layer that forms a protective coating on every part of the hearing device. When the hearing device comes in contact with liquid such as water, sweat or humidity, they from beads that roll off the device. Protecting the essential technology inside your hearing aid.

Interton product line includes:

  • Cosmo
  • Crisp
  • Share
  • Mature Products
    • Scope
    • Avio
    • Elipse
    • Start
    • Stage
    • Dash

Interton also provides an accessory line:

  • Phone Clip
  • Remote Control
  • TV Streamer

Rincalina Hearing Center is Tucsons authorized Interton sales and service center.  Call or visit today for help with your Interton Hearing Aid.

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