Hearing Evaluations

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The effects of hearing loss can be significantly minimized if you are properly diagnosed and receive effective treatment.

Step One: The Interview

Your professional will ask questions to determine the extent of your problem and uncover any specific areas that may require further attention.

Some Typical Questions:

  • Do you have a history of hearing loss in your family?
  • Have you had any illnesses or injuries that might have affected your hearing?
  • Have you been exposed to loud noises in your job or leisure activities?
Step Two: Hearing Examination

Your professional will conduct a hearing exam to determine whether the hearing difficulty you are experiencing could be caused by an issue that requires medical attention.

Step Three: Hearing Test

Your hearing care professional will determine the nature of your hearing loss through specialized testing. Again, a hearing test will determine whether you require a medical referral.

Step Four: Treatment Options

Referral to a Physician - If our test suggests that your hearing could be helped by medicine or surgery, we will fully explain the results and refer you to the proper medical professional.

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Hearing Test