Hearing Loss FAQ’s

Do you have questions about Hearing aids and Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss can raise a lot of questions.  Here are a few common questions and answers.  If your still not finding the right answers send us your question today.

Q: Will a hearing aid bring back my hearing to 100% again?

A: Unfortunately, no. But hearing aids can improve your hearing by amplifying soft sounds and reducing loud background noises. And with practice, a hearing aid will bring sounds back into your hearing world that you haven’t heard clearly in a long while.

Q: Will my hearing become worse if I wait to buy a hearing aid?

A: A decision to delay buying a hearing aid will not cause your hearing to get worse, but it may make it more difficult to get the full benefit from a hearing aid later on. Let a hearing care professional at Rincalina Hearing Center show you the benefits of getting fit for a hearing device now.

Q: Is there a hearing devise that can’t be easily seen?

A: The style that is least visible sits completely in your ear canal which also makes it easier to use with telephones while also being more protected from wind noises. But technology improvements have made behind-the-ear devices blend better with your skin and hair colors by offering a variety of color choices to make them less visible.

Q: Are hearing aids expensive?

A: Costs range from several hundreds of dollars to several thousands of dollars depending on the hearing device you select. Digital hearing aids tend to be more expensive.

Q: Will my insurance cover the cost of a hearing aid?

A: Some private insurance carriers cover part or all of the cost of hearing devices. You should check with your insurance provider to be sure. Medicare, however, does not pay for any of the costs of getting a hearing device.

Q: What is the best hearing aid on the market?

A: The best hearing aid is the one that best fits your level of hearing loss and lifestyle. So there’s no “best hearing aid.” There’s only the one that’s “best” for you.

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