The ReSound LiNX


ReSound LiNX is an advanced hearing aid that was made for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This powerful hearing aid connects to these devices and a number of others, streaming music, voices, videos, or even apps directly to you, allowing you to hear the highest quality, clearest sounds from your favorite devices.

ReSound LiNX offers natural, high-quality sound customized to precisely match your hearing loss. It is able to accommodate nearly every hearing loss, so chances are that it will work for you. You can easily hide its sleek design behind your ear or show it off in a variety of colors. Even though it’s highly advanced and looks great as well, it’s still durable and even water resistant. That means you can go on living your life without having to worry about your hearing aid.

With ReSound Unite, you can connect these hearing aids to a number of devices, effectively turning your hearing aids into high-quality headphones. The ReSound LiNX app for your Apple devices also allows you to balance the volume levels and tones of your environment. So, whether you’re at a concert or having a quiet conversation, you can be in control of what you’re hearing. The app even allows you to locate a lost hearing aid.

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