Hearing Aid Adjustment

How to adjust your hearing aid

Adjusting to wearing a hearing aid in or behind your ear takes time and patience. The hearing aid may feel uncomfortable at first. So talk to your hearing care professional at Rincalina Hearing Center about how long you should wear your hearing aid while you are getting used to it.

Become familiar with your hearing aid’s features. Practice putting it in and taking it out, cleaning it and replacing the batteries. If you are wearing two hearing aids, make sure you know which is for the left ear and which is for the right ear. Learn to adjust the volume and to program for different sound volumes.

One common adjustment for a new hearing aid wearer is to get used to the wearer’s own voice sounding too loud, the hollow sounding voice you can imitate by placing your fingers in both ears and talking out loud. If you experience any whistling sounds, talk to your hearing care professional at Rincalina Hearing Center about what adjustments can be made to correct this. And if the sounds you want to hear are not completely separated from the sounds you don’t want to hear, the hearing care professional at Rincalina Hearing Center can make any needed adjustments to the hearing aid.

And be sure to take your cell phone with you so you can test whether you’ll experience any buzzing sounds while using your cell phone caused by the radio frequency interference in some digital cell phones. Cell phone technology is improving enough, however, so that this problem is occurring less often.

With today’s cell phone and hearing aid technology, you can wirelessly connect to most of today’s smartphone devices. Using Bluetooth technology, you can now listen to phone calls, music, podcasts and more.

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