Hearing Loss Prevention

Most of us know someone who has experienced or is experiencing a hearing loss. We’re speaking more loudly to be understood or we notice their TV or radio volume is turned up uncomfortably high. If we can recognize the loss of hearing in others, we should take note if we start experiencing similar behaviors which could be the start of our own hearing loss. We think of age as being a determining factor in hearing loss but 40% of those Americans with hearing loss are under the age of 65. Also, our own life’s experiences can make us more susceptible to hearing loss such as past injuries, playing music at ear-blasting levels in our youth, working around loud engine noises or serving in the military and being exposed to loud explosions and gunshots.

  • You are turning your TV or radio volume up much higher than you used to
  • You hear people mumbling instead of speaking clearly
  • You find it difficult to understand what someone is saying
  • You have even more difficulty hearing someone speak when there’s background noises
  • Your family and friends have suggested you get your hearing checked

Not being able to hear clearly or understand what someone is saying can affect us both emotionally and socially according to many recent studies. And certainly hearing loss can impact our job performance.

If you are experiencing any level of hearing loss, call your Tucson hearing loss specialist at 520.326.1500 for a complete hearing screening. Then a hearing care professional at Rincalina Hearing Center can talk to you about the most technologically advanced hearing aids available and can fit you with a hearing device that best meets your lifestyle.