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Part of the larger Sivantos Group, which includes a number of other hearing provision companies, Signia offers a wide range of hearing aids and assistive technology. With a history reaching back 140 years as a part of Siemens, the Sivantos Group became an independent company in 2015. In its new iteration, the Sivantos Group works to further develop its strengths and to maintain technological leadership. Sivantos invests in the future to optimize its structure and to build new capabilities. As a result, the business is more flexible, products get better, and the geographical footprint has expanded to more than 120 countries. With Signia, the Sivantos Group strives to reshape the industry in terms of technological innovation of products, services, and channels. The ultimate goal is to provide the best hearing aids and to be the best partner for their customers.

Introducing: The Styletto

The Styletto is one of the newest models from Signia. With its slim and stylish design and smart technology, the Styletto transforms the look of hearing aids. This hearing aid is pure in design and sophisticated in form with graceful lines, a refined fit, and true-to-life hearing experience. One of the technical benefits of the Styletto is the ability to preserve the familiar sound of your natural own voice. With Own Voice Processing (OVP™), the Styletto does not muffle or distort the sound of your own voice, a common complaint among other hearing aid wearers. Direct streaming of phone calls, music, and TV audio via Bluetooth® allows you to coordinate listening with all of your devices. The revolutionary myHearing™ App serves as the hearing care professional at your fingertips for access to the best service anywhere.

Pure Charge&Go Nx

Another new product at Signia is the Pure Charge&Go Nx. This hearing aid is the only rechargeable aid that provides a natural sounding own voice and direct streaming. Wherever you go, the Pure Charge&Go Nx can help you hear more clearly and accurately. Whether enjoying the great outdoors with friends, conducting a long business meeting, or listening to your favorite podcast or music, these aids will remain powered up for the duration of your activity. The aids can be fully charged while you sleep so that they are ready to go throughout the coming day for an array of activities. Wireless charging is also possible with a portable inductive charger. Simply place the aids in the charger and they will turn on automatically when you take them out. These aids are also known to remain discreet, small, and sophisticated in the position hidden behind your ear. Suitable for most levels of hearing loss, the Pure Charge&Go Nx serves customers with mild to severe hearing loss with durable high performance.