Established in 1964, Unitron is a hearing aid manufacturer based in Canada, with their headquarters in the Waterloo region. They are part of the larger Sonova Group with more than 14,000 employees. They emphasize research and development of the latest technology with over 100 audiology experts and mechanical electroacoustic, algorithmic and software engineers in their Kitchener development center. Unitron locations extend to more than 70 countries with manufacturing taking place in China.

Unitron Discover

Their core value is to design for the future, reminding us that the best designed experiences are simple, enjoyable, and intuitive. With this in mind, Unitron’s holistic design philosophy creates hearing aids with the best wearing experience. The emphasis on aesthetics ensures that a beautiful hearing aid will give a great first impression. Small size, friendly organic shapes, and flawless finish contribute to the impressive appearance. The emphasis on comfort ensures that each integrated detail is combined to make hearing aids comfortable to wear all day long. Finally, the emphasis on intuitive functionality ensures that functional buttons are thoughtfully positioned and designed for effortless use.

Moxi All

Unitron’s Moxi All line of hearing aids is at the cutting-edge of technology. This hearing aid is compatible with all smartphones – not only iPhones - and is completely hands free. Without the need to touch the phone, the wearer will be able to clearly hear what the caller is saying while microphones transmit their voice directly to the mobile phone in response. An easy overnight charge provides the freedom to stay in the conversation all day long. A wide array of apps connect the Moxi All hearing aids to hearing specialists, audiologists, and technical support to provide a service with ever-greater personalization and customization. Location technology allows the wearer to adapt to the environment in commonly visited places without a need for streaming. With the addition of the streamer-free TV Connector accessory, media and entertainment can connect directly with the aids, as well.

Unitron Max: Super Power

One of the premier models at Unitron is the “Super Power” Max line of hearing aids for severe to profound hearing loss. Powered by the Tempus platform, Super Power hearing aids require less fine tuning and gives users a better experience upon first wearing the aids. Pre-sets are personalized to individual listening preferences and a rechargeable option, so there has never been a better time to fit Super Power hearing instruments. These presets include a “classic” approach to sound processing for those who prefer things the ‘old way’ with little to no signal processing and no directionality, a “conventional” approach to sound processing for those who prefer a more traditional approach to amplification, including moderate signal processing and some directionality, and a “current” and modern approach to sound processing for those who prefer the latest technology, including advanced signal processing and directionality.