Widex High Definition Hearing Logo
Widex is a family-owned company founded in Denmark in 1956. Today, it has become one of the largest manufacturers of hearing aids in the world. These hearing aids are sold in more than 100 countries, employing over 4,000 people. Widex excels at developing technology at a level of quality that few can match, giving the manufacturer a reputation for being one of the most innovative companies in the industry. The uncompromising approach to innovation has led to advances such as the world’s first digital in-the-ear hearing aid as well as their own revolutionary wireless technology. The Widex mission is to provide the absolute best hearing aids and customer services. In order to do so, Widex offers the most advanced, natural sound on the market, allowing people to connect and communicate easily. The headquarters in Lynge, Denmark reflects a tradition of environmental awareness through energy efficiency and wind power. The headquarters is the only CO2 neutral hearing aid producer in the world. Solar cells and recycling rainwater are just two of the sustainability efforts of the company.

The Widex Sound

The Widex Sound is the basis of everything done at the company. People with hearing loss are exposed to a wide range of different sounds at different levels. It is important to have hearing aids that allow the wearer to hear soft sounds while preventing uncomfortably loud sounds that may come along. The Widex Sound excels in this regard, allowing wearers to hear a full spectrum of sounds from background noise or music to a whisper in a noisy crowd. A proper fit is the final component of the Widex Sound. Hearing aids are only as effective as they are used, and the Widex Sound strives to offer a pair of aids that fit comfortably for ease and desirability of use.

Widex Evoke

The Widex Evoke is a new model that optimizes smart technology, evolving in real life. Interactive options connected with a smartphone allow you to intuitively shape the listening experience. For instance, if you lean back, the aids automatically make adjustments suited to your needs and the sonic profile of your position in the room. SoundSense Technology allows your aids to evolve every time you wear them, learning from the personalization that you and other users put into place in any given location. The data is anonymous, contributing to a better listening experience for all. When it comes to music, the Widex Evoke knows the difference between classical and pop music, as well as the difference between a meeting and a party. One of the greatest differences—that between indoors and outdoors—is also captured by the hearing aid receivers. The Fluid Sound Analyzer constantly monitors the sonic environment to suit your hearing. Only a few taps on the EVOKE app will allow you to choose between two sound profiles, options that continue to evolve along with your experience.