May is Better Hearing and Speech Month!

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The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association has designated May as Better Hearing and Speech Month, and the theme for this year is “Communication Across the Lifespan.” At Rincalina Hearing Center, we think better hearing should be celebrated all year long and we are committed to helping you stay on the path to better hearing help.
This month, we place a special emphasis on the importance of having your hearing tested and then following up with the best aftercare we can provide. You only get one set of ears and hearing is important to your health and enjoyment of life.

Make an appointment today for a free consultation and hearing test – we’d love to see you and help you celebrate Better Hearing and Speech!

Some Statistics to Consider
Hearing loss affects individuals of all ages, from newborns to adults. At all levels, early intervention and care is great, but doesn’t necessarily occur. At Rincalina Hearing Center, we encourage you to visit us once a year for a hearing evaluation and drop by more often if you feel your hearing is at risk.
Many people don’t realize that even newborns can suffer from hearing loss. But statistics show out of every 1,000 births, two out of three babies have some detectable hearing loss in either one or both ears. Fifteen percent of children between 6 and 19 have hearing loss in one or both ears. And, about 15% of American adults, 37.5 million, age 18 and older, have reported they have trouble hearing, according to government health surveys. Hearing screenings are routine for newborns, but a lot of the time, even though hearing issues are documented, there is no proper follow-up.
Adults with hearing loss often ignore the issue and don’t get proper care. Only one in seven adults, or approximately 14% of adults over 50 get and use hearing devices even though they have hearing loss and could benefit from amplification. Many feel it is just a natural part of aging. So, what is the difference between correcting your eyesight when your vision deteriorates as a natural part of aging and correcting your hearing?

What to Watch For
For children, corrected hearing is vitally important for developing speech and communication skills. Beginning life with untreated hearing loss dooms them to a future of academic, personal and social challenges. As an adult, it means career limitations as well as quality of life and health issues.

In children, signs of hearing issues include: lack of attention to noise, no response when you call them, can’t follow simple verbal instructions, delays in speech and language development, pulling or scratching at their ears, poor grades especially in reading and math and problems making friends and socially interacting at school.

Hearing loss in adults is one of the most chronic health conditions. Numerous studies here and abroad show untreated hearing loss significantly affects an adult’s life. Signs of hearing loss in adults would be ringing or buzzing in the ears, failure to be able to follow a conversation or making inappropriate responses, muffled hearing, difficulty processing speech with background noise, avoiding conversations, social isolation and depression. Untreated hearing loss in adults can lead to dementia, hypertension, sleep issues, more falls and longer hospital stays, diabetes and, after age 70, a higher mortality rate.

Treating Hearing Loss

If you have a hearing loss, the most common form of treatment is the prescription of hearing aids. Hearing aids bring significant benefits to your life. If you are in the market for a new pair of hearing aids, this is an exciting time for advanced hearing solutions. Hearing aids are small, lightweight, and fit directly in the ear or ear canal. The over the ear models are also discreet and they come in a number of fashionable styles and colors. You’ll be able to stream sound directly from your phone, your iPad, your computer and your television. You can adjust them with your phone or with small remote-control devices.

Celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month with Rincalina. 
At Rincalina Hearing Center, it’s our pleasure to serve the Tucson area and we’d love to meet you. Our team of hearing specialists are here to support you on your journey to better hearing health and the first step is that exam we’ve been talking about. We’ll talk about your lifestyle and expectations and recommend hearing devices that will work for you – and you can experience it yourself with our Hearing Aid Test Drive! Celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month with us – you’ll be glad you did!